Hey peeps! I changed my blog already. =)

I'm leaving this place as a memory so that when I turn back, I see the mistakes I've made in my life that contribute to who I am at a later date. Hahahas. =)

honestly, i'm irritated by the comment in my tagboard, I mean, don't you have anybody's life to fuck about? Get a life.

anyway, I was thinking about things today. I wanted to pen down my thoughts but, I don't think I remember them anymore. Things is turning out great these few days. Hope I can pass and go to JC. it's my life i'm destroying anyway. excited for the Jay's concert, in which by the way I am not going, unless they intend to have a second one. Oh well, just my luck. we shall see how.

getting a job soon after the o's. i hope to get a good one. one interesting one from standard chartered. But, looking at the working hours, touche. i still want to continue my services to the community here. how am i suppose to do that with all that time working? tsk tsk tsk.

anyway, those o level peeps out there. trust me on this, you guys probably discuss the questions and answers right after your paper. don't do it people. because it will only further demoralise you and affect you for your next paper. keep away from that paper that you got ok? but if you were going through the same subject for revision and spotted your mistake. hmmm, i guess that's just your luck.

great horoscope today. im suppose to do everything that i want to do by afternoon. im not suppose to do impromptu things. everything must be carefully planned out. im not sure what i want to do. i'll probably eat cup noodles. too lazy to whip up anything. kimchi noodles sounds good? with miso? i thought so too.

then, i'll get to work tml. physics and ss. hmmm, which one shall i do? i think physics. silly me. busy on thursday, crash course with my cousin. =) i think that will be my plans so far.

and i'm suppose to keep touch with my old friends. well, i just talked to my best friend on the phone. saw ru yi at hougang point. definitely a surprise because it's not her territory. lols.. silly. and talked to linda who's taking o's as well. im quite well acquainted, i must say.

to all those who has love headaches of heartaches. don't let it bother you for the time being alright darlings? concentrate on the exams coming up next and do your thing girls or guys.

my new motto will probably be, 'be practical' ... be reasonable about things. try to look at things at a different point of view and you will see that sometimes things happens for a reason. we not necessarily need to question it or change it. we sometimes as humans need to learn how to accept things the way they are. not everything will be changed according to how you want it.

ok? and about making mistakes. everyone made mistakes. after all, we're only humans.

Today was a fun day I guess. HAhas.. Went out to Serangoon to meet our teacher to practise certain skills. =) Then, went to someone's house to gossip a bit. End up staying and playing card games until 9. Then, my parents were on the way so they fetched me back.

I got back just about an hour ago or so. Hahas.. I've updated my story finally. I'm left with one more chapter which is the epilogue and I'm good to go. If I do have the time, I'll slowly start on my next story. After the o levels, I'll start brain storming on my Christmas story. I'm so excited. I think I must watch out for new story lines.. Hee hee. =)

I've just started reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I must say that I certainly like it at this point of time. But, let's just say that I've only passed the 20th page mark. So, I still have a long way to go and have a lot of time to think about what's appealing to me in the story. =)

Well, english classics does seem as if it clashes with me. But, I think it's perfectly fine at this point of time. =) That's all. I think I shall go and read. There are loads of words I didn't know of until today. Hahas. =)

Honestly Haniza, why are you letting him affect your fucking life. I mean, it's your life after all. If I want to become a sweeper tomorrow, it's still my life.

Why are you letting his words get in your way.

Why are you letting what your friends say affect you. Which you have done very well to block their words out.

I've mention this before and I won't hesitate to say this again. It's the matter of choices in life. It's my life, if I want to throw it away, I can do it. Why? Because it's choices.

People go to school because their parents want them to. Or, they want to pass o levels. But, I'm sure a handful of them had already taught about what they're going to do in the future.

I havent. I'm too preoccupied pleasing my parents. I wanted to be so many things. But, every single time I wanted to do it, he holds me back. So, thats why I said something inside me grew smaller..

I was scared to do so many things due to the limitations. I'm not allowed to go to poly. Surprise? Yar, maybe I should just go to ite. People don't tell me to think positive. I hate it when someone tells me that.

I want to think positive but I've been trying so hard that I'm lost in my own loops of strings I created around my feet.

I always trust my sister. Never fail. But, she seems to be in a habit of hmmm, how do I say this? Getting me into trouble or emotionally affected. But, every time, I choose to trust her. Why? Because she's family.

People might say I'm throwing my life away or slacking. Hahas.. Funny. Because I am. See how negative I've become? A big turn around.. I shall wait for my MT results to kick me back into the other side.

Anyway, I always see the board every day.. People get stress about it. Well, I tell myself, once you hit the 60 mark, then, you study haniza..

Hahas.. Ironic.. I wonder if I'll do it..

He said that he's pressurizing me because in school they might be motivating me. HE thinks that I get around with reverse psychology. Ya right.. You're driving me down the drain every time.

No amount of scolding can help me now. I just need a reality check. In which I already know of. I feel the urgency but never the motivation to do it.

I can't be bothered with life. You ask me why I never come to school? I say it's choices but it's so much more..

Secret *spoiler* Shhhh. Don't tell anyone..

This is the trailer. Hee hee.. =)

Ok, Let me just point out to you guys that this particular post might contain some spoilers. So, those who have not watched the show and intend to watch it, I suggests you don't read this post. Hee hee. =) It might contain scenes that involves the movie. But, if you don't mind, go ahead.

I'm giving a review on what I think of the movie. =)

This is the at the pizza hut at PS. I was with Wan Xuan and Jia yu. The Pizza was mine. Something nicer than what I usually eat. =) A recommendation. The drinks were nice as well. Except for Wan Xuan's, she thinks its sweet. Oh well, mine was normal. Hahas.


Ok, Here goes..

These are the pictures of some of the scenes inside. =) Nice right.. Hahas.

This is the pictures of him directing the movie. Anyway, I already found out that he had started to film this movie beginning of this year in February. It amazes me how fast it is.. =)

Jay, 4 thumbs up!!! Those who want to critise Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket. Hold first.. It's a yellow card for you who want to rebut my words. EEEk..

Anyways, the movie was something that I never knew would be successful. LOLs. Weird, I know. I'm after all a Jay Chou fan. But, I'm a realistic one at that! So, I went in the movie theater without having much expectations. And I come out of the cinema, crying and very amazed at how he well he did. I'm sure all the Jay Chou fans who have watched it feels the same way. But, of course we give him credit because he is a first timer. =)

Ok, certain parts of the scenes had weak editing. I don't like the ending of the computer effects. It was fake.. LOLs. But, one thing that really made me like the movie was the twist. The storyline was complicated, I must agree. But, the twist was something that was unexpected. So, thumbs up! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Not only that, his acting has improved. The girl's acting was hmmm, cheeky? There were some weird cheeky lines. Sometimes, we, Jay Fans wonder if he was ever that cheeky when he was in high school. LOLs.

The music was wonderful!!! Hahas. Great piano skills displayed. Yu hao was as good I must say. Hahas. =) Jay was a splendid player. =) The girl was not bad. In fact, Anthony, Jay's father inside the movie played the piano.

When Jay asked him over to play his father, because he felt that they had the chemistry when they were filming Initial D, he actually didn't know that Anthony played the piano as well. So, it was a plus point!! Hahas..

Ok, Jay had actually mention this before. We must watch it two times to actually appreciate the movie. It has a deeper meaning. So, guess what? I'm watching it again. Hahas.. =) With my junior and senior. They are still deciding the date. LOLs. =) That's all.

Have I said this before? 4 stars.. hahas.. =) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oh yar!! YOu must be thinking what's the secret. Well, haven't you heard, Jay wanted us to keep it a secret!!! So, shhh. don't tell anyone..


Red Carpet

This is another post regarding the red carpet I went to. Please tell me if you want to take any of the pictures ok? LOLs. Anyway, here goes. I arrived at 4.40 by the way. The thing started at 9.10 -.- I wanted to put all the pictures in a slide show also. I bit lazy to take everything in. But, the stupid system just has to cock up. LOLs. So, here I am presenting picture by picture.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

That was the picture. Promotional.. Hee hee..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I thought the thing looked very grand. Hahas.. =)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Beware people!! He touched the piano!!! Hahas..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If you guys watched the movie already, I think he looks good playing the piano. Hahas. Anyways, he was playing 'Bu neng shuo de mi mi' for this particular piece. The other one he played was with the girl. =) Which appeared in the movie as well. =) It's a catchy piece.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Isn't he suave!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is probably my favourite picture of all in the movie. Hahas. This one *SPOILER* He played without looking and only by hearing. Then, the girl pointed out that 'he likes to play one-handed' hahas.. =)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Look at the crowd.. Hahas..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Of course, it rained.. Hahas.. But, that didn't dampened out spirits!!!

Ok, that's all. Next one will most probably be about me going to watch the movie and after that as well. Hahas.. =)

Some people are kind of complaining that I'm having TOO much words inside my blog. So, I decided to do something else this time round. I may still have words but the pictures will do most of it.. Hahas.. =)

The one that has Hak in it is the fact that he claimed the Benz was his.

Then, the bun that has a straw in it, he did that as well at the coffee shop. The straw actually has milk tea in it. Hahas..

Then, the so call dough nuts were meant for Paul's advance birthday. =)

This one is that video of Sophia's mishap of trying the 'collon' that has chilli inside. It was meant for Cai Xin and Paul. LOLS.

Hey people. I'm writing a short post this time before I actually start my malay composition. Hmmm, let's see, my english results were terrible. However, I must say that I have improved my comprehension. There is still room for improvement but still, I manage to pass the paper 2 this time. =) Other than that, things like e maths, I still improved. I passed it like finally.. Then, chemistry paper, I passed it as well. =) Well, overall for english, as per usual, won't pass. I am not surprise because I really did messed up my paper 1 this time. My grammer was terrible I must say. Other than that, I failed everything else. =)

If you're asking me whether I'm happy, of course I am not.. However, subjects like Chemistry, E maths, A Maths, Malay, English and Biology. I actually improved slightly in the subjects. The rest, well, I slack a bit. Even though the improvement might not be massive, I still appreciate if my parents were to give me a little encouragement like good effort.

I regret to say this but, reverse physiology doesn't work on me. If you were to tell me things like I'm stupid. Then, it will just go inside my brain and register. And if it is repetitive like 'Jia yous' 'Work hard'. It will not work for me. I would not want to work harder. Not only that, my dad said, not good enough. Well, too bad. See whether I'll improve it or not. I do not like it if he said something like that. Well, first response would be: prove your dad wrong. Well, it doesn't work for me. Why would I want to prove him wrong. He says that line every time that I'm so used to it already and therefore, it would not have any effect on me.

Now, what would motivate me you might ask? Well, currently, things that is encouraging would be nice. I like it when my Malay teacher tells me my strengths. It would urge me to work on that strength further. I like it when Miss Suan was very patient with all of us TLC group. Not only that, I like the smile on her face when she passed me the paper 2 and told me that I passed. =) I like it when I actually know how to do chemistry questions in the paper. Not only that, since I'm improving for Chemistry so much, my interest in the subject grows and I ask to clarify things when I do not know them. These are the small small gestures that I look forward to everyday.

However, I spent more time at home and I would never get this kind of thing. Well, my CCA is going to treat the sec 4s like rubbish now. Well, we can see it coming. It's like we're thrown aside after we are being used. But, when my friend doesn't like it, I kinda have a slight favour to this idea. So that I wouldn't concentrate so much on the project and actually concentrate on my studies. However, it makes me think that I am actually irresponsible leaving it to my juniors to do. But, I think I do know what has cause all these. It's because of all me.

It's because I'm not doing well. I cannot juggle things. I do not how to prioritize things. I know it's my fault but I guess it's too late now. Perhaps we cannot turn back the time. But, we can only look towards the future. Isn't that right?

my best friend used to tell me to use a monotonous colour for my blog. Which I've been using for quite some time, orange. But hey, why should I listen to people? I should just run my life as it is. So that when something bad happens, I wouldn't blame others, in turn, myself for being so stupid and foolish.

I've celebrated my birthday. It was a simple celebration. Cooking from their house and coming to elle's house to eat. Nonetheless, I bet they thought about what to do. LOLs.

The presents that I received are very interesting and some are very nice and very appealing. Thank you guys!!! I appreciate it.. Thanks a lot..

I want to talk about how upsetting a day can get. In guides, I had to form a colour party with the sec 3s. Because we needed to put down the school flag to do our ceremony. Then, you know.. NP is always very respectful kind of thing. Then, we were going to start. Then, I realized something. We did not wear our hat. Then, I asked them to put it on but found out something else. Yan Zhen did not have hers with her. Honestly, I would have kept the name a secret. But hey! What's there to hide isn't it?

Then, well, I couldn't be bothered and just carried on. Because I did not want NP to wait. Then, we just started. Well, my juniors just need to throw my face. Yan zhen forgot to halt. but we didn't go so far off. Then, Shiyva and Yan Zhen were slightly panicking and they talked. See, how embarrassing. I'm just fated with this kind of thing. Then, she put down the thing. I forgot to mention one more thing. While we were marching, Wan Yu was in front of me sitting down. How rude. See, we're not the only one. People are facing embarrassment of their own. In their own way.

I'm utterly disappointed. Then, the enrolment ceremony was one disaster. I kept telling ellis to just carry on because that was the formation that they can do. Well, the best when it was well a disaster. Then, I actually thought the sec 1s was bad enough. The PLs and PSs were as bad. They were not coherent and some not serious enough. Eh, if you do not want it, tell me. Because we can give it to someone else who is willing to dedicate herself to what is assigned to her. But for the PLs, I think it was the lack of practice.

Then, I heard something else. Some people told me that in the midst of our ceremony. Oliver did not look too happy. And, someone from there pointed middle finger at us. Well, they were unhappy that we are using the parade square all by ourselves. Well, let me ask you. When you do your parade, do you see us marching around the parade square making noise? Do you? One more thing, if you're not happy. Can I ask you something? How often do you use the parade square for parade practice? 5 times a year? twice a month perhaps? Well, guess what? We only use it for like 3 to 2 times a year? Is that so hard to give us?

We are also uniform group. Even if we do not concentrate on marching. Let me enlightened you, at least some of our girls when they go out to the real world. They might actually learn and make use of something they have done in our CCA. We nurture girls, empower women. Not torture girls, make them march perfectly.

Not only that, most of the time, we go hiding in the basement or basketball court. Ok, I'll just face up to reality, because in terms of marching, we will never be as good as you are, that's why we are always in hiding. So, the two of you take control of the parade square. So, when we want to use it for one of our ceremony, we cannot do so? Are you guys perhaps being very unreasonable here?

Honestly, if you're going to point middle finger at me or even think of being unsatisfied with us, unreasonably. Think again. Because I might declare war.